Items such as decor, home goods, etc., available at She Sale Ladies Consignment in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.

Hey Maryland!

Are you ready to de-stash your stuff and earn 60-70% comission?

Rake in a return on your investment at an upcoming She Sale Ladies Consignment Pop-Up!

At She Sale Ladies Consignment, we know you love a good deal. And WE love helping you find them!

Commission Tiers

Baseline Commission Rate: 60%

60% Commission

In addition to 60% commission, you can get your consignor fee back and shop at an earlier time when you work 1 four-hour shift.

65% Commission

Earn 65% commission and get your consignor fee back, and shop at an earlier time when you work 2 four-hour shifts.

70% Commission

This is our maximum commission rate! Earn 70% commission, get your consignor fee back, and shop at an earlier time by working 3 four-hour shifts. 

Busy Mom

Too busy to hang, tag, and enter your items? Let us take care of this for you, while you earn 40% commission on your items and shop early!

Next Sale: Spring 2024

May 28 - June 2, 2023

Benfield Sportscenter

1031 Benfield Blvd, Millersville, MD

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fee to consign?

Yes, there is a $15 consignor fee payable when you register, which is non-refundable. You can earn your fee back by helping out at the sale. See our Team Member page for details and available shifts.

Do you have to be a consignor to be a "team member" to shop early?

Yes, according to the Department of Labor, you must be a consignor to be a team member and enjoy those perks. However, a member of your immediate family may share shifts with you.

How does the computer entry work?

Once you have registered to consign, you will gather your items and enter a description and price for each item into our system. You will then be able to print your item tags to fix to your items for the sale. We recommend printing on cardstock or thicker paper!

Is there a minimum of items to consign?

Yes, you need to have 30 items to consign with the She Sale Ladies Consignment Sale.

Is there a maximum of items to consign?

There is a maximum of 50 clothing items for the sale. We also have a maximum on shoes – only 10 pairs of shoes per consignor is allowed. Please choose your best items and price to sell!

how should I price my items?

Think about what you would pay for something that is lightly used. We also have pricing guidelines which you can access using the button below:

How soon will I get paid after the sale?

You will receive your check via snail-mail within three weeks of the sale. We also offer the ability to receive electronic payments.

Will i be able to check my sales online?

Yes! Sales will be uploaded to your consignor portal each night so you can see them.

How do I prepare my items for the sale?

We have created very in-depth instructions on this, which you can find on our Accepted Categories + Item Prep page. Or, click the button below!

What items do you not take?

We have a few categories and items that we no longer take. Please visit our Accepted Categories + Item Prep page. Or, click the button below! This list is updated over the years as trends change, so please be sure to check before registering and preparing your items.

How do I get my items to the sale, and when?

You will drop off your items at the sale a few days prior to the sale. Please refer to the schedule on our Sale Details page, or click the button below!

When do I pick up my unsold items? Can I donate them?

You may either pick up you unsold items on the last afternoon of the sale, or donate them to charity. If you donate your items to charity, they will be available for $1 during our “dollar dash” sale on Sunday, where all proceeds will be donated to charity. If you do not want this to happen, please arrange to pick up your items and mark them accordingly in the system.

Need to declutter your hubby?

At She Sale we also accept Hubby Items such as tools, camping gear, sports memorabilia and accessories.

Declutter your husband/partner’s stuff and make some extra cash!

Consign your items for just $15!

Or, earn it back by helping out at the sale for a 4 or 8 hour shift! Visit our Work the Sale page to learn more.