Bags and accessories at She Sale Ladies Consignment in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.

Ready to sell your items?

Accepted categories + item prep

Before you decide what to get rid of and what to sell, check out our accepted categories and item prep to make sure your items work for the sale!

How to prep your items for she sale ladies consignment

Gather the things you'll need:

Card Stock (white or light colors 8.5” x 11”)

Ziploc Bags

Safety Pins

Cable Ties or Zip-Ties
Great to hold things together that you want to sell together

Plastic hangers (either new ones or ones you already have)

Helpful Tips:

An easy way to attach non clothing tags would be to use a hole punch and put a ribbon or yarn though and tie to the item.

Gather and organize the items you are selling.

There is a $3 minimum, so group items together that are worth less than $3.

She Sale ladies consignment accepted categories


Belts, scarves, sunglasses, pantyhose, socks and underwear.

Pantyhose, socks, and underwear must be NEW in original packaging.

Please be sure tags are very secure on the items.

Scarves and belts will hang so they are best not in bags.


Absolutely NO BOOKS of any kind. We cannot donate them, either. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Attach tag in the middle or right side of the garment, in the existing tag or through a seam when possible, to avoid holes, using a tagging gun or safety pins. Clothes only need to be pinned to the hanger if it won’t stay securely when tugged. It’s easier to try on with no/few pins!

No career/business suits, please!

Pants can be hung with pins if pinch hangers aren’t available, please so not fold over or zip tie you pants.

Lingerie and Swim Suits must be NEW WITH TAGS and hung on a hanger if possible.

HELPFUL TIP: Clothing doesn’t need to be pinned unless necessary to keep on the hanger, as many people want to try things on.


Tasteful, adult Halloween costumes will be accepted in the fall.


Have you tried to scrapbook or stamp or make jewelry and time has gotten away from you? Here is a good venue to sell your craft supplies.

Adult crafts only please! Save your kids’ craft supplies for our Wee-Sale.

Decor - Holiday

One category we all love: Holiday!!

Please bring your best as there is always an amazing collection! All holidays are accepted but be sure it is in excellent condition!!


It must be a minimum of 4 matching pieces and it MUST be in good condition, no chips.

No random pieces will be accepted.

Please attach a picture of the set if not everything is visible when packaged.

Furniture - Small & Medium, Some Large

We accept small and medium furniture, end tables, coffee tables, small chairs, small book shelves, etc.

If you have larger furniture to sell, please email us a photo of the item and let us know what price you are considering to [email protected].

We want to make sure we have enough room for everything that is coming in, as we have limited space!

Hats - Seasonal

Hats are fun! Bring your best!

Junior - Girls

Brands like American Eagle and Aerie, Abercrombie & Fitch, Lululemon, Vineyard Vines, Hollister, Vans, Athleta, Altar’d State and so much more!!!!

Junior - Fancy Dresses

Never worn or excellent condition and priced to sell!!

Maternity Clothing

Maternity clothing is expensive! Sell your clothing at our sale – remember to price to sell in this category, especially if it is trendy.

10 item limit for this category.


There is a 10 shoe limit and they are a great seller. We have a large selection so please bring your best and price to sell. We are extremely picky with shoes!!!

No need to attach together or bag shoes, they should be available to try on. Attach the tag very well with masking tape, ribbon, pins, etc trying to avoid damaging the shoe.


Longaberger ONLY – no other baskets accepted!


10 item limit, price to sell.


Price to sell! Consider bundling similar genres.

Save kids music and movies for Wee-Sale please!!

Clothing - Lingerie


We will only take lingerie if it is new with tags. Please pin on a hanger.

Clothing - Swimsuits


Because many people vacation in the winter, we will take swimsuits at the fall sale.

However, we are only taking NEW swimsuits with original tags. Please pin on a hanger.


We realize the word decor is very general.

We are talking about tasteful home decorations like pillows, wall hangings, nice frames, NEW candles, vases, silk flower arrangements, and bookends.

Decorative Collectibles

We accept collectibles. This might be Hummel Figurines, Thomas Kinkade, or other decorative things. If you have questions about specific collectibles, please email us at [email protected] and ask!

Decor - Garden

A really fun category: garden figurines, lions, large flower pots (clean please!), garden frogs, gnomes, etc. SMALL patio/porch furniture will be accepted.

Email us with any questions at [email protected]!


We accept SOME electronics. They need to be NEW or “Like New”. No old TVs, DVD or VCR players.

Blue-Ray players or Flat Screen TVs sell very well and are desirable.

No large, old speakers or stereo equipment that is out of date.

No computers unless they are less than 2 years old or NEW in the box.


This is a big seller!

Handbags should be in good condition, clean inside and out, no stains, and in style!

If you have designer bags, we can only take originals.

We are not allowed to sell knock-off or dupes by law!


Watches, earrings, necklaces, etc. can be placed in a small zip lock bag for display.

Using a small piece of cardboard or an index card inside helps to display items.

Be sure to tape the bag closed and secure the tag so it is visible and able to be scanned at check out.


We are accepting NEW in the box or “Like New” kitchenware, gadgets, glasses, barware, and more.

Be sure items are clean and not outdated.

Serving Dishes

Platters, charcuterie boards, baking dishes etc. No chips or cracks!

Consign your items for just $15!

Or, earn it back by helping out at the sale for a 4 or 8 hour shift! Visit our Work the Sale page to learn more.